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Need a healthier environment? Our indoor air quality team specializes in making your house a healthy home; eradicating mold, germs and allergens at the molecular level. With our Nanostatic application no harmful chemicals are left behind. It is an effective solution for your family, pets, and electronic devices.

Why Choose Nano?



Patented technology with touchless application eliminates the risk of human error and uses an EPA-registered, non-corrosive disinfectant.


We Stop Outbreaks, Safely and Effectively

Nano Environmental Solutions’ technology is both safe enough for food contact surfaces and strong enough for hospitals.


We Use Patented, Permeating Technology

Proprietary spray system penetrates every nook and cranny of your home or workplace, ensuring the eradication of mold and germs.


We Eliminate Problems, Not Mask Them

Unique system that eliminates problems at a molecular level, ensuring effectiveness and long-lasting results.

What our customers say

For the first time, in almost two years of living in our newly constructed home, I experienced a delightful breathing experience. It was as if I had pure oxygen running up my nostrils instead of my normal stuffy nose all night long! I wish I had met the Nano organization during my build and secured their services and thus ensure a great night sleep right from the beginning!

Kathy Beckham
Greenville, SC

What our customers say

I just want to thank your company for the professional and wonderful job that you have done to my place! For months I’ve suffered with chronic sinusitis, low immune system and fatigue as my body tried to fight off the high level of mold recirculating in my HVAC system. The technicians that came to my place to do the testing and then the treatment were courteous and very thorough answering all my questions and concerns. The process was so fast and I could tell when I woke up the very next day- what a difference not to wake up with a throbbing sinus headache. I tell people- NEVER TAKE YOUR HEALTH FOR GRANTED! IF YOU DO NOT HAVE GOOD HEALTH, YOU HAVE NO QUALITY OF LIFE. Thank you Nano Environmental Solutions team!

– Julie Gifford, Homeowner

What our customers say

Upon referral, I hired Nano Environmental Solutions for a mold issue at one of my seller-client homes at The Reserve at Lake Keowee. The team was prompt in responding and sent their army of certified consultants to the property within 24 hours. They quickly sized up the issue, quoted the work (economically, I might add), and provided a quote for the buyer to clean the balance of the home. They didn’t attempt to provide more service than what was required to resolve the closing issue, and instead provided options that benefited both seller and the buyer. The work was completed promptly and according to schedule, and Nano provided a certificate that appeased the parties. The closing occurred without delay and the Purchaser hired Nano to treat the balance of the home. I was so impressed with Nano Environmental Solutions that I had them treat my personal residence and have noticed a remarkable improvement in air quality.

Justin Winter, Broker/Owner
Sotheby’s International Realty

What our customers say

We no longer have to worry about losing a sale when a home inspection discovers a moisture or mold issue. In the past those issues jeopardized the sale and closing of a home. Nano Environmental Solutions is able to professionally educate the seller and buyer about the quality service they provide. They even guarantee to correct the problem and will work to address any future issue. They are very professional and they stand behind their work. They have developed and instilled trust with their clients. Home inspectors might find mold and air quality issues, but because we have a local, professional mitigator that can handle any size job, we are ready!

-Shane Clardy, Real Estate/ Broker

What our customers say

Nano Environmental Solutions really exceeded our expectations! The crew that arrived to inspect our home was so friendly, professional and thorough. They patiently answered all of our questions, and we had many. NES got back to us within a couple days to give us a quote on their work. The return crew was just as polite and efficient. We like the fact that the product they used to banish the odors, mustiness, and germs from our home and HVAC system is non-toxic. We were able to return to using our home within the hour. Now it smells so fresh, and I don’t get a headache from spending a long time in my basement. They also made very helpful recommendations on how to prevent our mold problem from returning. It is definitely worth giving them a call.

– Claire Muzal, Homeowner

What our customers say

Before your company treated our home, we discovered a mildew problem. Also, each morning I would wake up feeling very congested, and I had numerous upper respiratory infections. The very next morning after treatment, I was completely free of congestion and have not had an upper respiratory infection since. We are all much healthier since you have treated our home.

-Wendy Nix, Home Owner

What our customers say

… It was a completely seamless job from start to finish—there was no burden on me to coordinate anything. Any time I had a question they were always accessible by phone, and frequently checked in personally to make sure the work was moving forward on time. That type of customer service is unheard of today. Now that the work is completed, the rooms look great—not only that, but they smell great, and my respiratory issues are gradually going away. Thank you, NES, for caring about your customer and for doing quality work…

Marcelyn G. Randall


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