Disaster Recovery

Nano Environmental Solutions

Post Disaster Recovery

A flood or hurricane destroys your home, your business, your school, your city… what do you do? After a natural disaster, every minute counts- don’t waste time. Don’t wait for a wet & damaged property to become an environmental danger zone. Yet traditional disaster response starts with drying out a structure and if it’s raining or humid you just keep waiting… mold spores root, grow, flourish!

You are being asked to wait…

A Paradigm Shift

So, you wait and watch mold spots appear, then the spots merge and become dirty roadways. The roads grow into toxic highways and then off-ramps form… but you wait. You wait and your nasal passages hurt. You wait and you cough, then hack. You wait and watch timbers warp, sheathing twist and sheetrock pop from the walls and ceiling. The “experts” tell you to wait… so you wait… and you watch your property and health decline. It’s time for a NEW disaster recovery plan. A revolutionary change, not just an evolutionary step with a few new products to perpetuate a bad way of rebuilding.

It’s time for a paradigm shift….

Turn Key Solution

Don’t wait for a wet and damaged property to become an environmental danger zone. EnvrioShield and Nano have combined their resources and experiences to produce a truly revolutionary approach to post disaster recovery efforts.
Step 1
Don’t wait for surfaces to dry. Use EnviroShield’s EnviroMT to encapsulate structural components, while allowing a slow controlled release of water vapor pressure. Water Vapor Transfer (WVT) rates will be below flooring manufacturers’ warrant specifications.

Existing mold is killed on contact plus the moisture tolerant EnvrioShield blocks the moisture necessary for new spores to take root.

The slow even release of moisture protects structural components from warpage and bowing… framing and sheathing materials straight and true.

EnviroMT is backed by a 10 year product warranty

Step 2
Nano Environmental Solutions
Once the structure is secured the the EnviroMT encapsulant, protect your family, pets, students and members with a hospital grade environment…. safer than pre-disaster conditions.

Nano employs a nanostatic delivery system to disperse hospital grade, EPA-registered disinfectants. The nanostatic delivery system disperses the solution to a droplet the size of one-billionth of a meter, so fine that it can eliminate mold, viruses and bacteria at the molecular level… in every crack and crevice in your property… making it safer than ever before.

Nano Environmental Solutions touchless application eliminates the risk of human error.

Environmentally friendly, leaving no harmful residue behind.


If you need help with mold remediation, germ & allergen removal, air purification, or crawl space encapsulation let us know. We will give your problem a free estimate.