get financed

First Citizens, Nano and YOU!
Nano Environmental solutions partners with first citizens BANK to offer customers financial options so that taking the first step towards a healthy home is easier than ever.

Taking the first step towards making your house a Healthy Home is now easier than ever! Nano Environmental Solutions and First Citizens Bank have partnered together to make financing options available for a seamless process from start to completion. Whatever the case, Nano and First Citizens provide three lines of credit to meet your needs precisely.

Checkline Reserve
A fixed-rate, unsecured line of credit

Provides overdraft protection on your checking account

Checkline Reserve lets you make a loan from your reserve account just by writing a check

Easy to set up, and finance charges only accrue when you use it

Checkline Reserve plus
A variable-rate revolving line of credit

Interest rates are tiered based on your approved credit line

Can be used for overdraft protection

Easy to use-just write a personal check

Larger lines of credit than Checkline Reserve, at lower interest rates

Equity Line
A lump-sum loan you take out against the equity you’ve built in your home

Interest rates are tied to the prime rate and are often tax-deductible

Easy to use-write a check or use your EquityLine Visa

Can be used for overdraft protection