Financing options

Nano Healthy Home® Solutions

Nano Environmental solutions partners with first citizens to offer customers in need financial options so they can have a healthy home.

Driven by their passion to serve the community in a healthy, meaningful way, Nano have partnered together with First Citizens Bank to make financing options available for a seamless process from start to completion.  Whatever the case, Nano and First Citizens provide 3 lines of credit to meet your needs.  Steve Jordan’s personal experience with his own son living in unhealthy air quality has paved the way for his company to have compassion on home owners who need to clean the air in their home, but are not able to afford to do so.  These financing options make a healthy home a reality for any parent who needs to resolve poor respiratory function due to poor air quality. Nano works with homeowners expedite purifying air quality to restore air quality to premium levels and fight against allergies and asthma to protect you and your family against respiratory illness.