How to Pass a Charlotte Mold Inspection




Foreclosed homes commonly harbor harmful mold colonies.

No one enjoys having to call a Charlotte mold inspection service and ask that they send a team to determine whether or not there is a harmful infestation in their home or commercial building. One question that runs through many people’s minds around that time is whether there was anything they could have done to avoid having to make that call. It’s too bad that you can’t turn back the clock, but for homeowners and property managers that don’t yet have a mold problem, there are many actions that can reduce the likelihood of one developing. Here are some key factors and how you can address them in order to pass your Charlotte mold testing with flying colors.


Probably most people responsible for buildings, whether they are commercial or residential, would list moisture or humidity as one of the most important factors contributing to mold growth. That is absolutely true, but unfortunately it still flies under the radar in many cases. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is that high-humidity areas of the building, or even areas that collect standing water after a rain or snow melt, are generally the uninhabited areas. We keep the inhabited areas at a comfortable humidity level, and we notice immediately if there are water puddles that need to be cleaned up. But in a crawlspace, a seldom-visited basement, an attic, or an unused office space, moisture issues can persist for months or even years without anyone noticing them. It’s not until the Charlotte mold inspection team arrives and opens up those doors that the problem becomes painfully clear.

Reducing humidity and moisture in these areas may be a simple fix, like repairing a broken window that lets rain in or replacing shingles on the roof. For trickier humidity problems, it’s a good idea to consult with an expert Charlotte mold testing and prevention service like Nano Environmental Services. Our technicians can assess the seldom-visited areas of your building and tell you about the best dehumidifying equipment to keep mold from gaining a foothold there.


There is a long list of things that humans and mold don’t have in common, and one of them is an intolerance for the fresh air. While we love the feel of wind blowing in through an open window, mold prefers to grow in an environment with still, stuffy, warm air. This is one reason it is so important to get air moving through the room when a basement floods or a carpet gets soaked. Keeping the windows open and the fans on will discourage mold from growing in the room until the moisture has completely dried up.


If you recently purchased a property, there could be mold present that you are not aware of. Even if you cannot see any mold and are not experiencing any negative symptoms that suggest the presence of mold, there could be colonies growing just out of sight. When trying to sell a foreclosed home or a piece of commercial property, workers often simply cover up mold problems with paint, paneling, carpet, or other flooring/wall coverings. Unless a Charlotte mold inspection team detects the problem before the paperwork is signed, the mold can become the unwanted responsibility of the new property owner. It’s always a good idea to have a Charlotte mold inspection expert test a property thoroughly before you buy it, so you do not become the landlord of a mold colony overnight!

Trust the Local Charlotte Mold Inspection and Removal Experts

If you do begin to suspect that your property has a mold problem, there’s no need to panic. Nano Environmental Services has developed an incredibly efficient, thorough, and quick-working mold remediation solution that takes much of the inconvenience out of the process. Our technicians will uncover and eradicate any mold growing in the building and advise you on the best ways to keep it from returning. We perform mold testing and inspections throughout North and South Carolina and have the experience necessary to set your mind at ease. Please email us today to request a quote and learn more about our revolutionary mold eradication systems. We look forward to talking with you!