More Than Mold Removal in Anderson, SC



Light switches are common problem areas for bacteria contamination. 

We get lots of calls from homeowners and business managers asking about mold removal in Anderson, SC. But we get hardly any calls from people asking how we can help them eliminate viruses and bacteria from their homes. When it comes down to it, that’s an excellent question to ask, and Nano Environmental Services has excellent answers. Here’s why you should be looking for more than mold removal in Anderson, SC to make your home or office as healthy as it can be.

Some Threats Are Invisible

The obvious biggest reason that people don’t call for help removing bacteria and viruses from their home is that they don’t know they are present. With a visible health threat like mold, it’s easy to see that there is a problem and that it’s time to have a mold inspection expert come in. But you can’t see bacteria lurking in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, or furniture. If you could, we’re betting a lot more people would be searching for bacteria removal services just like they search for mold remediation! Out of sight, out of mind, and most of us continue touching contaminated surfaces without realizing we are picking up harmful organisms that can make us very sick. This problem becomes exponentially worse when we are in unfamiliar areas plagued by bacteria to which our bodies have never been exposed and have little resistance.

Traditional Cleaning Products Fall Short

Even if you recognize the serious threats that invisible viruses and bacteria present to you, there is little opportunity for you to adequately mitigate those threats using traditional cleaning products and methods. Because you can’t identify bacteria visually, you can never be sure that you have completely covered a surface and killed all the organisms living on it. There are many surfaces that seldom get noticed even during a thorough cleaning, and others that are simply impossible to reach with handheld cleaning tools.

To make matters worse, most cleaning products available today are focused on killing active microorganisms only. Inactive microorganisms continue to live on surfaces that have been cleaned, building resistance and becoming even more serious threats to the health of the people who live and work near them.

Virus, Bacteria, and Mold Removal in Anderson, SC

In addition to mold removal in Anderson, SC, the Nanostatic™ technology that we use at Nano Environmental Services is capable of completely eradicating virus and bacteria contamination. Just as our patented approach completely covers mold-infested surfaces and kills spores, it also encapsulates all microorganisms (both active and inactive) in the cleaning area and kills them. The electrostatically charged droplets used in the Nano Solution cling to all surfaces in the cleaning area, including those that are out of reach of manual cleaning equipment, and eliminate all invisible bacteria and viruses present on them.

Perhaps the most valuable application of Nanostatic™ technology is in cleaning hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other institutions that deal with patients carrying contagious diseases. MRSA and other highly resistant diseases are serious, widely recognized threats in these contexts, but the services offered by Nano Environmental Services are able to minimize those threats with regular application. Our recommended cleaning schedules and techniques are specially engineered to help these institutions ensure that they are constantly applying a total, effective, and proven solution to keep their patients safe.

If you are concerned about the threat that these invisible microorganisms can be posing to your family in your own home, there’s good news! The same technology that is able to overwhelm and kill antibiotic-resistant diseases like MRSA is also available to you through Nano Environmental Services. Along with mold removal in Anderson, SC and throughout the state, we offer our residential customers bacteria and virus removal services using this powerful, affordable, and convenient application system. And because our products and methods are environmentally safe, you don’t have to worry about what new threats the cleaning solution itself might present to your health.

If you have any questions about our revolutionary cleaning systems, mold testing, or mold removal in Anderson, SC, we hope you will get in touch with us directly. Your employees and your family deserve a safe, clean environment, and providing that environment is possible with the help of our quick-working, friendly, and highly professional teams.