Mold Removal: What Could Go Wrong?


JUNE, 2017

Call us first and avoid “what could go wrong” with mold removal.

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that mold removal is a complex activity. That’s precisely why the mere mention of mold or mildew is enough to cause real estate agents and commercial property owners to break out into a cold sweat. Even after a professional service comes in, conducts a mold inspection, and executes a plan to eradicate it, the following months and years sometimes show that the mold has returned. Does this mean that total mold removal and prevention are impossibilities; that property owners simply need to be resigned to the fact that they will have to have mold eradicated from their buildings over and over again?

Although mold removal is very complex, it is possible to completely eradicate mold and stop it from returning, as long as the service you choose has the right equipment, the right experience, and a plan for eliminating the factors that allowed the mold growth to occur in the first place. Nano Environmental Solutions offers all of those advantages to South Carolina customers, avoiding “what could go wrong” with mold removal.

Inferior Mold Inspection

A mold removal process could be doomed from the start if the inspection is incomplete. In order to locate all areas of mold, two things are required: advanced detection/testing equipment and personal expertise on the part of technicians. The most powerful equipment will be useless unless it is handled by professionals who understand how to use it effectively! Those professionals also need to be thoroughly educated on where to look for mold. It’s not enough to address the areas of a home or office where mold can be clearly seen growing on walls—your service also needs to inspect hidden areas like crawlspaces and attics, where mold can grow for years without anyone noticing it.

Incomplete Mold Removal

There are basically two types of incomplete mold removal: intentional and unintentional. A sadly common example of intentionally incomplete removal is painting or paneling over areas of mold growth. We see this often in houses that have been hastily prepared for sale; in order to avoid the expense and time necessary to actually eradicate mold, workers simply hide it from view, hoping that the deception will hold up until after the home’s new owners have signed the closing papers.
Even an honest effort to remove all mold, however, can easily fail. Traditional methods used to spray for mold are notoriously imprecise, and it is very difficult to ensure that every wall, crack, ceiling, and floor surface have been covered. If any mold remains after the technicians have packed their equipment and left, it may remain unnoticed for a while after life returns to normal in the building. But in time, the infestation will return and the cycle will begin again.

Root Causes of Mold Growth

Even if every mold spore is removed from the building, leaving environments in place that are favorable to mold growth is a common mistake. Crawlspaces with poor ventilation, high humidity levels, or leaky water pipes will inevitably become infested again with mold. For that reason, Nano Environmental Services doesn’t just conduct mold removal. Our technicians also identify problem areas that are likely to develop mold or mildew again in the future and make recommendations for eliminating that potential. Mold prevention measures may include installation of dehumidifying equipment and increasing ventilation; taking these precautions will set your mind at ease about future mold problems.

Advanced Mold Removal Technology

Nano Environmental Solutions relies on cutting-edge technology for mold removal. Our Nanostatic® system is many times more effective than traditional spraying for mold, using electrostatic attraction to completely coat all surfaces in the treated area. In addition to being more thorough, this approach is also much faster than older methods, which means that you and the others who work or live in the building can return to normal life much more quickly.

Unlike many mold removal companies that only operate on a seasonal basis, Nano Environmental Solutions is available year-round for efficient, complete mold remediation. Our technicians offer certified mold removal, adhering to the standards of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoring Certification. This certification guarantees that the technicians working on your remediation project are fully trained and qualified to handle every aspect, from assessment to containment, with expertise.