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Anderson, SC

Why Nano?

For mold removal in Anderson, SC, you look for certain qualities in a service provider before you’re comfortable signing the deal. Perhaps most importantly, you want to be confident that the team of technicians working on your problem is going to be able to eradicate mold colonies and spores completely. Additionally, you need to know that your family or employees will be safe and that the chemicals your Anderson, SC mold removal service uses will not harm them. Finally, you are interested in getting the entire process wrapped up as quickly as possible so that you can get back to business as usual in your home or business.

Total Mold Removal in Anderson, SC

You can read about our revolutionary mold eradication methods, based on the use of electrostatically charged nano droplets, on the other pages of our website. These methods do what traditional cleaning processes do not: completely coat all surfaces of the treated area, including walls, ceilings, floors, rafters, beams, crevices, and other hidden areas. This is the key to our ability to leave no trace of mold spores that could cause a new colony to grow in the future.

Green and Safe Mold Removal

Anderson, SC homeowners should be concerned about not the effects, not only of mold infestations, but also of the chemicals that technicians use to remove them. Our Nanostatic® technology is completely non-toxic and safe for humans, pets, and the environment, so you can feel comfortable moving back into your living or working space following your cleaning.

Efficient and Convenient

The experience of our technicians and the efficiency of our process combine to form a mold removal process that gets you back into your clean, mold-free home or office incredibly quickly. For fast, thorough, green mold removal in Anderson, SC, give us a call or send an email today.

What our customers say

In February, Nano Environmental Solutions contacted me to treat the Seneca Fire Department in SC for odors, viruses, bacteria and cancer causing toxins. It is my understanding that WCNC just did a news report on your department concerning the statistics found by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Nano Environmental Solutions offered to donate their services as part of a bigger proposed plan for the City of Seneca. Nano Environmental Solutions disinfected our equipment, living areas and fire trucks and was successful in removing harmful toxins and even smoke odors.

Once I learned that the product was a hospital grade disinfectant that is safe enough to use in the food industry, I was glad to let them treat our facility. By disinfecting the fire station, Nano showed us that they appreciate the men and women who fight fires and keep families in our community safe by providing a healthier environment. The process was quick and easy and our team didn’t have to do anything as there was no preparation or clean up required. I would recommend their product to any of my fellow fire chief’s throughout the country.

Chief Jan Oliver
Seneca Fire Dept.

What our customers say

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Nano Environmental Solutions on behalf of the City of Seneca, SC.

A few months ago, I was approached by a representative of Nano Environmental Solutions who told me about their product that eliminates odors, mold, viruses and bacteria. Initially, Nano donated their service to City Hall in the City of Seneca, SC. We were amazed by the results. There was an immediate improvement in the overall air quality. Our employees are no longer complaining of headaches, stuffy noses and respiratory issues.

After experiencing such dramatic results, I decided to form a partnership between the City of Seneca and Nano Environmental Solutions. As of today, Nano has treated several municipal buildings in Seneca, SC. As to date, they have treated city hall, our recreation complex, the employee gym and our fire department. Working with Nano Environmental Solutions enables the city take a proactive stance toward healthier living. We are proud to use taxpayers’ dollars to improve standards for our local government employees and the citizens of Seneca, SC.

Mayor Dan Alexander
Seneca, SC

What our customers say

Thank you Nano Environmental for coming to my home today! Not only did you remove all smells of everyday living; molds, bacteria. THE germs are all gone! I appreciate the fast service and the efficiency of the product! Thank you again!!! Will continue to treat my home as I do my body. Say goodbye to unhealthy environments!

Tina Ashley
Home Owner

What our customers say

Before your company treated our home, we discovered a mildew problem. Also, each morning I would wake up feeling very congested, and I had numerous upper respiratory infections. The very next morning after treatment, I was completely free of congestion and have not had an upper respiratory infection since. We are all much healthier since you have treated our home.

Wendy Nix
Home Owner

Tips / FAQ


Exhaust Fan!

One can significantly reduce moisture levels in the bathroom by running an exhaust fan during and after showers. Exhaust fans are also crucial in the kitchen and laundry sections of your home as well.


How do I know if I have mold? How do I find out?

⦁ In most cases you know you have mold because you can see it. Mold usually shows up on the interior of a home in window sills, closets, under sinks, on furniture, around air vents, and on the ceiling in the case of roof leaks.
⦁ If you feel a noticeable increase in humidity upon entering your house, or you notice a strange musty odor there is a chance you have a mold problem.
⦁ You may have mold growing in your crawl space or attic long before you notice it on the inside of your home. Our inspectors are trained to look for signs of mold in hard to access places. They also use tools to check moisture levels and other indicators that mold may be an issue.
⦁ Nano Environmental Solutions offers free inspections to check for evidence of mold. If no observable evidence is found a mycology test can be taken to determine if there is a hidden source.

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