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At Nano Environmental Solutions, it is our mission to be the single best source for Greenville, SC mold inspection, testing, removal, and remediation. We serve residential, commercial, and institutional customers alike, using today’s most advanced testing and remediation equipment to eradicate mold completely. If your home or place of business in the Greenville, SC area is infested by mold or you suspect that it may be, don’t delay. Give our office a call and get a free estimate.
Greenville, SC Mold Inspection and Testing
A visual inspection by our Greenville, SC mold remediation experts is just the starting point. We know that mold tends to grow in the areas that are hardest to reach, and that in foreclosed homes and properties for sale, mold is often painted over in an effort to hide the problem from view. We know what warning signs to look for, and we use powerful technology and independent lab testing to identify every area of mold growth in your building.
Greenville, SC Mold Removal and Remediation
Once our teams have located all problem areas, they get to work eradicating mold from your building, eliminating harmful spores that negatively affect the health of those who live or work there. Our Greenville, SC mold remediation experts use proprietary Nanostatic technology, an approach that is extremely efficient and thorough. Many of our customers are initially concerned about disruption to their normal activity; our mold removal approach accomplishes the goal much more quickly than traditional methods and gets you and your employees or family back into the building in no time.
Call Our Greenville, SC Mold Testing and Removal Professionals
At Nano Environmental Solutions, we are proud to serve Greenville, SC and the surrounding region with the highest quality mold removal services available today. We look forward to speaking with you and providing you with a free estimate.

how we serve

Nano Environmental Solutions’ dedication to serving the local community in a healthy and meaningful way has allowed us to partner and work with several businesses and organizations in the local area.

Nano Environmental Solutions of Greenville has provided services for several notable facilities in the region such as North American Rescue, Simpsonville Police Department and Remax Realty Office as well as donated services to Primrose School of Simpsonville and Chick-fil-A.

Nano Enviro of Greenville serves Greenville, Greer, Taylors, Five Forks, Greenville County, Laurens County and Spartanburg County.


If you need help with mold remediation, germ & allergen removal, air purification, or crawl space encapsulation let us know. We will give your problem a free estimate.

What our customers say

For the first time, in almost two years of living in our newly constructed home, I experienced a delightful breathing experience. It was as if I had pure oxygen running up my nostrils instead of my normal stuffy nose all night long! I wish I had met the Nano organization during my build and secured their services and thus ensure a great night sleep right from the beginning!

Kathy Beckham
Greenville, SC

What our customers say

In February, Nano Environmental Solutions contacted me to treat the Seneca Fire Department in SC for odors, viruses, bacteria and cancer causing toxins. It is my understanding that WCNC just did a news report on your department concerning the statistics found by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Nano Environmental Solutions offered to donate their services as part of a bigger proposed plan for the City of Seneca. Nano Environmental Solutions disinfected our equipment, living areas and fire trucks and was successful in removing harmful toxins and even smoke odors.

Once I learned that the product was a hospital grade disinfectant that is safe enough to use in the food industry, I was glad to let them treat our facility. By disinfecting the fire station, Nano showed us that they appreciate the men and women who fight fires and keep families in our community safe by providing a healthier environment. The process was quick and easy and our team didn’t have to do anything as there was no preparation or clean up required. I would recommend their product to any of my fellow fire chief’s throughout the country.

Chief Jan Oliver
Seneca Fire Dept.

What our customers say

I am delighted to write this letter of recommendation for Nano Environmental Solutions on behalf of the City of Seneca, SC.

A few months ago, I was approached by a representative of Nano Environmental Solutions who told me about their product that eliminates odors, mold, viruses and bacteria. Initially, Nano donated their service to City Hall in the City of Seneca, SC. We were amazed by the results. There was an immediate improvement in the overall air quality. Our employees are no longer complaining of headaches, stuffy noses and respiratory issues.

After experiencing such dramatic results, I decided to form a partnership between the City of Seneca and Nano Environmental Solutions. As of today, Nano has treated several municipal buildings in Seneca, SC. As to date, they have treated city hall, our recreation complex, the employee gym and our fire department. Working with Nano Environmental Solutions enables the city take a proactive stance toward healthier living. We are proud to use taxpayers’ dollars to improve standards for our local government employees and the citizens of Seneca, SC.

Mayor Dan Alexander
Seneca, SC

What our customers say

Before your company treated our home, we discovered a mildew problem. Also, each morning I would wake up feeling very congested, and I had numerous upper respiratory infections. The very next morning after treatment, I was completely free of congestion and have not had an upper respiratory infection since. We are all much healthier since you have treated our home.

Wendy Nix
Home Owner

What our customers say

It was a completely seamless job from start to finish- there was no burden on me to coordinate anything. Any time I had a question they were always accessible by phone, and frequently checked in personally to make sure the work was moving forward on time. That type of customer service is unheard of today. Now that the work is completed, the rooms look great-not only that, but they smell great, and my respiratory issues are gradually going away. Thank you, NES, for caring about your customer and for doing quality work…

Marcelyn G. Randall
Home Owner

Tips / FAQ


Fix It!

Fix seepage and roof, wall, and plumbing leaks as soon as possible to prevent the buildup of moisture and growth of mold. It is important to replace old pipes as soon as they show signs of being dilapidated since moisture from a leaky pipe will travel far further than just the visible signs.


Do I need to do anything to my home before treatment?

⦁ While our solution is safe to use on food contact surfaces, make sure no fruit is sitting on countertops. If the insides of your cabinets are being treated make sure open bags and perishable items are stored elsewhere during treatment.
⦁ Other than removing perishable foods from the environment, there is no work for the client. You do not need to move furniture, clothing, or electronics. Our solution degrades quickly after doing its job into harmless byproducts. This prevents the need to move personal belongings and helps our clients get on with their lives without an upheaval in their daily routine.
⦁ Our Nanostatic delivery system disperses the Sporeicide as an electrically charged mist that penetrates all areas of the home, crawl space, and ductwork. The particles which are released are smaller than a human blood cell and the electric charge causes them to seek out and destroy any mold, bacteria, fungus and viruses on contact.

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