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our story

Steve Jordan, a Seneca, SC native, founded Nano Environmental Solutions after experiencing every parent’s worst nightmare, a child sick with an antibiotic-resistant strain of MRSA. After his son was treated, Steve faced yet another issue, ridding his home of the MRSA bacteria. Steve was determined to find an effective solution that would permanently eliminate any trace of the bacteria in his home and help other families in similar dilemmas. Hence Nano Environmental Solutions was established. Driven by a passion to serve the community in a healthy, meaningful way, Steve developed an inventive new way to eradicate harmful elements in homes and businesses by using patented cleaning technology with touchless applications.

how we serve

Nano Environmental Solutions’ dedication to serving the local community in a healthy and meaningful way has allowed us to partner and work with several businesses and organizations in the region.

Nano’s passion for providing our community members with a safer, healthier environment helps us to establish and develop lasting relationships with customers and other businesses that serve our community.

In a warm southern city like Gwinnett, GA, mold is a very common problem for homeowners and businesses. A house with an unprotected crawlspace and areas of standing water will almost certainly develop mold growth, creating a health hazard for the family and pets. In this environment, business and homeowners must be proactive about eradicating all traces of mold when it appears and solving the problems that contribute to the growth of mold in Athens, GA buildings.

Preventing and Detecting Mold in Gwinnett, GA

Nano Environmental Solutions offers some exciting new solutions for eliminating the factors that encourage the growth of mold in Gwinnett, GA homes and businesses. Crawl space encapsulation turns the most vulnerable area of your home into an environment in which mold cannot grow. Our inspectors also look for standing water, areas of high moisture, and spots where mold may have been painted or plastered over in order to hide the problem without solving it completely.

Gwinnett, GA Mold Removal Services

If mold is already present in your building, Nano Environmental Solutions has the equipment and expertise to eradicate it with minimal disruption to daily activity. Our Nanostatic technology utilizes recent scientific research to destroy mold without exposing humans, animals, or the environment to hazardous chemicals. Because our proprietary approach works more efficiently and thoroughly than traditional mold removal methods, your home or business can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Nano Environmental Solutions is your source for Gwinnett, GA mold removal and air quality services. From foreclosed homes to institutions such as hospitals and medical offices, our professionals are ready to put our environmentally friendly products and equipment to work and keep everyone in your building safe from the health hazards of mold. Please get in touch with us today for a free estimate.


If you need help with mold remediation, germ & allergen removal, air purification, or crawl space encapsulation let us know. We will give your problem a free estimate.


I have black mold in my home, what do I have to do? Do I have to move out?
⦁ The most dangerous type of mold is Stachybotrys, otherwise known as “toxic black mold”. This type of mold can cause severe health related problems especially in young, elderly, or immune compromised individuals.
⦁ If this type of mold is found in a work or home environment we recommend that people vacate the premises until mold remediation takes place and a post inspection verifies that the mold has been eradicated.
⦁ Fortunately, Nano Environmental Solutions makes cases of Stachybotrys a priority. In most instances, we can complete a job in 1-2 days, at which point it would be safe to return to the property. You will not have to leave for weeks or months if you schedule your treatment quickly.
⦁ If demolition of sheet rock, carpet, or other building materials is required we can provide that service as well to make sure all contaminated materials are removed from the structure.
Do I need to do anything to my home before treatment?
⦁ While our solution is safe to use on food contact surfaces, make sure no fruit is sitting on countertops. If the insides of your cabinets are being treated make sure open bags and perishable items are stored elsewhere during treatment.
⦁ Other than removing perishable foods from the environment, there is no work for the client. You do not need to move furniture, clothing, or electronics. Our solution degrades quickly after doing its job into harmless byproducts. This prevents the need to move personal belongings and helps our clients get on with their lives without an upheaval in their daily routine.
⦁ Our Nanostatic delivery system disperses the Sporeicide as an electrically charged mist that penetrates all areas of the home, crawl space, and ductwork. The particles which are released are smaller than a human blood cell and the electric charge causes them to seek out and destroy any mold, bacteria, fungus and viruses on contact.
Do I need to move my pets out of the home for treatment?
⦁ Yes. It is a good idea to remove any animals from the home. While the solution we use is mild and non-caustic, it eradicates good bacteria as well as bad bacteria, funguses, and mold. Animals and humans have good bacteria growing on their skin, the surface of their eyes, and inside their nasal passageways. Animals and humans who are directly exposed for long periods of time may temporarily experience decreased immunity due to the die off of good bacteria. Our technicians wear full respirators and Tyvek suits during treatment to prevent prolonged exposure.
⦁ The second reason we advise removal of any pets is for the safety of the technicians. Our technicians will be dressed in baggy white suits and wearing masks. This may frighten even normally calm animals and cause them to act with aggression.
How long will treatment take, and how long will I have to be out of my home while it is being treated?
⦁ This depends on the severity of the job and the scope of work needed to eradicate the mold. For less severe jobs you may only need to be gone for several hours. Many times we are able to treat a home while a client is at work.
⦁ More severe infestations may take several days. Especially in cases which require extensive demolition and or crawl space encapsulation.
⦁ While you will not want to be inside the home while the technicians are treating the structure, it is safe to return to the premises within one hour of treatment. This is because after our product is finished working it breaks down into harmless byproducts and leaves no toxic residue on surfaces. This aspect of our treatment makes it very desirable for people who have sensitivities to chemicals.
Do I need to get rid of my furniture?
⦁ In most cases you will not need to get rid of your furniture.
⦁ If you have mold growing on leather, wood, or veneer furniture we are usually able to clean the mold from the surface successfully and save the piece.
⦁ If mold is growing on cloth upholstery, or carpet it is a bit more difficult. While our solution does penetrate fabric to kill the mold, it will not eradicate all stains left by the mold. We cannot make the furniture or carpet look like new, and you may choose to replace it if the stains cannot be removed with an upholstery cleaner.
How do I know if I have mold? How do I find out?
⦁ In most cases you know you have mold because you can see it. Mold usually shows up on the interior of a home in window sills, closets, under sinks, on furniture, around air vents, and on the ceiling in the case of roof leaks.
⦁ If you feel a noticeable increase in humidity upon entering your house, or you notice a strange musty odor there is a chance you have a mold problem.
⦁ You may have mold growing in your crawl space or attic long before you notice it on the inside of your home. Our inspectors are trained to look for signs of mold in hard to access places. They also use tools to check moisture levels and other indicators that mold may be an issue.
⦁ Nano Environmental Solutions offers free inspections to check for evidence of mold. If no observable evidence is found a mycology test can be taken to determine if there is a hidden source.
Can you test for mold?
⦁ Yes. We do offer mold testing. We can take up to three samples from suspect areas to send to an independent laboratory for testing. The laboratory we use for testing is EMSL Analytical labs which has locations throughout the US and Canada and has been operating since 1981. They offer comprehensive unbiased results.
⦁ It usually takes one to two weeks after samples are taken to receive results. When we receive the mycology report we will send the PDF copy to you via email. A full report is anywhere from 11-15 pages long and explains each type of mold found in each sample taken.
⦁ While our inspections are free we do charge for mold testing. Testing is $150.00 for up to three samples. However, if you choose to use our service for mold remediation we waive this fee.
Can you get mold out of my air ducts?
⦁ Our basic treatment always includes sanitization of the air ducts.  We are able to spray our electrically charged solution into the duct work.  It will travel throughout the system eradicating spores and preventing cross contamination from one part of the structure to another.
How do you kill mold?
⦁ Mold, much like a plant, is a rooted organism. When bleach and stain removers are used to treat mold only the visible part of the organism is killed and it can grow back quickly from the roots. Our solution is an EPA registered specifically for killing mold and mildew. It accomplishes this by eliminating the food source of the mold and killing it at the roots. This ensures that it will not grow back.
⦁ Our solution also eliminates mold spores in the air and on surfaces.
⦁ This two pronged attack is highly effective against even the most tenacious types of mold and fungi.
What makes you different from other companies?
⦁ Our solution and the electrostatic delivery system set us apart from other mold remediation companies.
⦁ Our solution is mild and does not leave any harmful volatile organic compounds behind after it has done its job. Even though it is mild it is still strong enough and effective enough to use in hospital settings. The electrostatic delivery system ensures that every surface in the home or work place is covered giving our product a higher success rate than companies which use other technologies.
⦁ We are so certain that we can give you the best results possible that we offer a one year guarantee on our mold remediation service.
Does your product get rid of pet dander and dust?
⦁ Our product uses touchless technology to kill mold and disinfect. It is effective against microbial growth, viruses, and bacteria. It is also effective against blood borne pathogens which can make you sick.
⦁ Pet dander and dust are not living material. Our product sanitizes and disinfects but to remove dander (which is dead skin) and dust the area must be physically dusted.
How long does it last?
⦁ If the leak or other source of excessive moisture is repaired the mold remediation treatment should offer a permanent solution. If there is a new leak or source of moisture it could cause a new infestation of mold.
⦁ We offer a certificate of treatment which guarantees our treatment for one year. The guarantee applies to mold which grew from the original moisture source but does not cover mold which may grow from a new leak or moisture source.

Mold Tips


Safety First!

Certain types of mold (Stachybotrys) can cause severe health problems. If mold is found in a work or home environment we recommend that people vacate the premises until mold remediation takes place and a post inspection verifies that the mold has been eradicated. We equip our certified inspectors and remediators with  personal protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, and a mask to ensure their eyes, nose, mouth, and skin are protected.


Fix It!

Fix seepage and roof, wall, and plumbing leaks as soon as possible to prevent the buildup of moisture and growth of mold. It is important to replace old pipes as soon as they show signs of being dilapidated since moisture from a leaky pipe will travel far further than just the visible signs.


Ventilation is Key!

Ventilation and air circulation is key! By moving furniture away from walls and opening closet doors to allow air circulation reduces the growth of molds. Open windows are preferable over fans and air conditioning in establishing a stable availability of fresh air entering the house.


No Bleach!

Contrary to common belief, bleach does not always kill mold. It is also important to refrain from mixing cleaning products together, specifically bleach and ammonia. Together, bleach and ammonia can create toxic vapors which can be detrimental to your health. Our EPA approved NanoSolution  is 50 times stronger than bleach and is safe enough to use around pets, children and food surfaces.


Dry It!

Wet materials need to be dried quickly since mold will begin to grow within 2 days under the right conditions.


Exhaust Fan!

One can significantly reduce moisture levels in the bathroom by running an exhaust fan during and after showers. Exhaust fans are also crucial in the kitchen and laundry sections of your home as well.

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