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Happy And Healthier


Before your company treated our home, we discovered a mildew problem. Also, each morning I would wake up feeling very congested, and I had numerous upper respiratory infections. The very next morning after treatment, I was completely free of congestion and have not had an upper respiratory infection since. We are all much healthier since you have treated our home.

-Wendy Nix, Home Owner

Excellent Customer Service


… It was a completely seamless job from start to finish—there was no burden on me to coordinate anything. Any time I had a question they were always accessible by phone, and frequently checked in personally to make sure the work was moving forward on time. That type of customer service is unheard of today. Now that the work is completed, the rooms look great—not only that, but they smell great, and my respiratory issues are gradually going away. Thank you, NES, for caring about your customer and for doing quality work…

Marcelyn G. Randall, Home Owner

Practically Germ Free


On behalf of all our students and teachers, thank you for Nano Environmental Solutions great gift to our school. I cannot tell you how much it means to have the feeling in my heart that we are practically germ free at every contact spot!!! You and Josh were just great today. I am praying for you and your family and your company. Please let me know if ever we can do anything for you. May God just continue to bless and make you strong my brother.

All of His Love and Peace to you!!

Oconee Christian Academy, Seneca, South Carolina 

A Delightful Breathing Experience


For the first time, in almost two years of living in our newly constructed home, I experienced a delightful breathing experience. It was as if I had pure oxygen running up my nostrils instead of my normal stuffy nose all night long! I wish I had met the Nano organization during my build and secured their services and thus  ensure a great night sleep right from the beginning!

– Kathy Beckham, Happy home owner 

A Delightful Breathing Experience


“Are you or any of your family members getting sick all the time or dealing with allergies that are effecting them in a negative way. If the answer is yes then you might be facing the exact issue that I have been dealing with for months in my home in Mount Pleasant. And it might be your home or business that is making you or your family member sick: (Possible, Mold, Sick Building Syndrome, or Poor Air Quality in your home). The company that was able to help me deal with the issues in my home and help improve my health, was Nano Environmental Solutions and owner Jamey Bradham. I was on the verge of having to leave my house because I was unable to breath and function. And then I met by chance Tim Barkley Founder of Charleston Home & Design Magazine who shared information with me of a new technology and company Nano Environmental Solutions. With one treatment with the companies Nano Technology process I was able to breath again. The moment my husband and I walked into our home after the treatment we noticed the difference in the air, it was as if we able to move and breath more fully in our home. In my opinion the political/regulatory powers that be in Charleston should require all businesses, homes and public spaces to be treated with Nano Environmental Solutions new Nano Technology. The Low Country that we all love is unfortunately a place that is full of mold and for people who have mold allergies or a compromised immune system the area can be an impossible and or dangerous place to live. And in my mind most businesses ignore this fact or are not educated enough to know the danger to peoples health that mold can be. Fact is you don’t need to see mold for it to be an issue for some people. Fact is mold spores can be invisible. And you can have symptoms of ill health just by being exposed to them. And these invisible mold spores in the air may be enough for some people with allergies or weak immune systems to feel ill or have allergy symptoms. And this summer we have had such a wet and humid summer making the situation worse. But this company can help those people like me who are effected negatively. Because others may not suffer the same ill health that you do, you may not be believed or worse you may be made to feel as though you are a problem and it is all in your head. For those out there that are experiencing the same issue in your life. Know that there is a service and company out there who truly cares and who have a great solution!!!! I am still working with Nano Environmental Solutions to make sure that my home does not have any mold issues as my new home had an issue with some missing insulation. So I will update my review when we finish our project with Jamey Bradham and Nano Environmental Solutions. His company is that rare breed who actually cares about their customers, something that is missing by most businesses these days!!!”

– Leah Cunnington, Mt. Pleasant Home Owner

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