Air Filters

The NanoAirTM 360 XLR

The NanoAirTM 360 XLR units have a sleek and elegant, European design, engineered and manufactured in Germany. With a magnetic access panel, it is simple and easy to change the 360 filter, requiring no tools and no parts to lose. The NanoAirTM 360 degree, TRUE HEPA air filtration unit captures microscopic particles out of the air down to .3 microns, with 99.97% effectiveness! The 360 degree filter removes particulates in all directions, of which other HEPA filters or Ionizers just can’t achieve.

The NanoAirTM contains a revolutionary, 5-layer HEPA filter with deep and wide layers, providing a massive surface area, that includes Active Carbon, treated with Oxygen, to open the pores or the carbon atoms.

The “all-in-one” filter includes the following 5 layers:
1. Pre-Filter Grill – removing coarse dirt particles
2. Pre-Filter Layer – removing medium and fine size particles
3. HEPA Micro-Fiber Layer – removing respiratory and ultra-fine particles
4. Activated Carbon Charcoal Layer – removing gasses and odors
5. Cover Layer – protecting the Active Carbon Layer and sealing the filter system

Air Purifiers

AP60 & AP80 NES Air Purifiers

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Quality Purifiers

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