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Protect yourself from litigation.  Nano Eradicates mold in homes and businesses.

Problem In forclosed Homes

Mold is the biggest problem home inspectors and realtors find in foreclosed homes.  Humid places are among the hardest hit.


Toxic Mold

The American Bar Association reported a 200% increase in defective mold litigation within a five-year span, potentially putting realtors at risk.

Mold presence and offensive odors can reduce or eliminate your ability to sell a home.

Home buyers shy away from mold due to the perception that mold remediation can be costly and destructive. Nano Environmental Solutions can rid the homes of mold and odors with competitive pricing and revolutionary services.

Our role is to help you, the REALTOR®, get homes back on the market in a timely and cost effective way.

Justin Winter

BROKER/OWNER Justin Winter Sotheby’s International Realty

“Upon referral, I hired Nano Environmental Solutions for a mold issue at one of my seller client homes at The Reserve at Lake Keowee. The Nano team were prompt in responding and sent their army of certified consultants to the property within 24 hours. They quickly sized up the issue and quoted the work (economically, I might add), along with providing a quote for the buyer to clean the balance of the home. They didn’t attempt to provide more service than what was required to resolve the closing issue, and instead provided options that benefited both seller and the buyer. The work was completed promptly and according to schedule and Nano provided a certificate that appeased the parties. The closing occurred without delay and the Purchaser hired Nano to treat the balance of the home.

I was so impressed with Nano Environmental Solutions that I had them treat my personal residence and have noticed a remarkable improvement in air quality. Once again, the Nano team was prompt, courteous, clean, diligent, affordable and professional. I won’t hesitate to recommend Nano Environmental Solutions to my clients going forward.”

Shane clardy


“We no longer have to worry about losing a sale when a home inspection discovers a moisture or mold issue. In the past those issues jeopardized the sale and closing of a home. Nano Environmental Solutions is able to professionally mitigate and educate the seller and buyer with the quality of service they provide. They even guarantee to correct the problem and will work to address any future issue. They are very professional and they stand behind their work. They have developed and instill trust with their clients.

Home inspectors can find all the mold and air quality issues they want and because we have a local professional mitigator that can handle any size job, we are ready.”