Schools & Daycares

Your Child's Home Away From Home

Schools & Daycare

Give children a safe and healthy learning environment. Nano makes schools clean and healthy.

Unplanned Absences (Million)

Each year, students lose nearly 22 million days to colds alone. The influenza virus causes nearly 38 million lost school days.


Children Absent

On average, 40% of school-aged children miss three or more school days because of illness or injury.
Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions from our customers.
Does bleach kill mold?
Laundry bleach is not an effective mold-killing agent for wood-based building materials and is not effective in the mold remediation process. OSHA is the first federal agency to announce a departure from the use of chlorine bleach in mold remediation. In time, other federal, state, and public safety agencies are expected to follow OSHA’s lead. The public should be aware, however, that a chlorine bleach solution IS an effective sanitizing product that kills mold on hard, non-porous surfaces and neutralizes indoor mold allergens that trigger allergies.
Will I have to remove everything from my home?
No, everything in the room is treated with an EPA-registered, antimicrobial hospital disinfectant. Our Nano technicians will ask you to leave the space we are treating for a short while, but you can return a few minutes after the technicians are finished.
What is the clean up like? Will I have to wipe everything down after the Nano treatment?
NO! It takes only five minutes for the product to eliminate all viruses, bacteria, mold, odors, and so much more. You do not need to wipe it off.
Is everything going to get wet? Do I have to wait for it to dry?
Our Nanostatic delivery product treats with a very fine mist. Nothing will get wet.


If you need help with mold remediation, germ & allergen removal, air purification, or crawl space encapsulation let us know. We will give your problem a free estimate.