How Nano Works

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Our revolutionary Nanostatic technology is a combination of atomized and electrostatically charged droplets. During the atomization process the innovative Nanostatic wand takes one drop and converts it into 900 microdroplets. With an electrostatic charge applied to these droplets it allows us to effectively and completely encapsulate all surfaces including micro crevices and areas inaccessible by conventional cleaning methods.

Nanostatic™ Technology

A unique system of atomized droplets combined with a customized effective treatment. The Nanostatic™ wand atomizes droplets into positively charged nano droplets. Because all surfaces are negatively charged, the treatment solution adheres to the surfaces

Step 1

Visually inspect your property

Prior to treatment, we’ll visually inspect all accessible areas of your structure and perform air quality tests to ensure we select the right approach for your problem. Using specialty equipment like moisture meters, thermal imaging cameras, and borescopes, we’ll target areas with high moisture to search for mold growth. If we find mold, we’ll collect samples and send them to an independent lab for identification.

Step 2

Create a customized effective solution

After evaluating the inspection report, we’ll devise a customized solution to your problem. Because up to 85% of fresh air enters your home or business through crawl spaces and basements, we’ll concentrate on treating the core problem first by removing moisture from these problem areas.

Step 3

Thoroughly treat your home

Our thorough cleaning system will eliminate all allergens, bacteria, odors, and mold spores. Plus, our deep cleaning particles will penetrate every nook and cranny of your property, ensuring your building is Nanostatic™ clean. Our cleaning treatment is far more efficient than traditional spraying and wiping, and our mold removal process won’t disrupt your life like other methods.


If you need help with mold remediation, germ & allergen removal, air purification, or crawl space encapsulation let us know. We will give your problem a free estimate.